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Monday, June 13, 2011

First Post

(Warning- the following is a bit non-sensical, and probably not grammatically correct, either..in other words, hang in there for some rambling at it's finest)

So after a few days of fussing with the design of this blog, I figured that I should actually ya know, post something. I originally intended this just to be a blog about my everyday life, sort of as a journal to myself..a creative playground if you will.

But then I thought that it would be a great idea to have an extra line of communication to my husband who's currently serving in Japan (As I'm sure anybody reading this would know).

So there we go, communication & fun...


How on earth do I get started?

I figure that like for anything in my life, having structure is a better bet than having none. I have a few fun ideas about what to do here, like maybe some small giveaways, cool things I find online or elsewhere in the community, book reviews, features on other blogs/news articles, and general updates on a few small deployment-related goals that I have in mind.

I'll guess I'll start at the beginning with some introductions for those followers who don't know me IRL.

My name is Brittany. I'm 23 years old, and a navy wife. More specifically, I'm a HoneyBee. A HoneyBee is a cute nickname for the wife of a Seabee.

Now you might be asking, what in the hell is a Seabee? Good question. Seabee or "CB" stands for Construction Battalion. My husband of a little over 6 months, Mike, is a Seabee. These in their simplest definition are the boots-on-the-ground, hard working construction battalion that the Navy can proudly boast. They were a divison of the Navy founded in 1942 to assist in contruction efforts during WWII. They do alot of humanitarian work around the world, and while their numbers quietly diminish over the years since WWII, their hard work and dedication surely does not. (Mikey- tell me if I need to add more to this!)

To learn more about Seabees and their pride check out: www.seabeee.navy.mil

We're currently stationed in the Atlantic Seabee port in Gulfport, MS. Mike is deployed though, and I'm spending some time with family while waiting out deployment (is it over yet?!?!).

Besides that, I guess there's not a whole ton to put on here today, but boy does it feel good to get started! Keep tuned, next time I promise to post something of interest!

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