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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day 5

Day 5: A picture of a place I've been.

Unfortunately, my image uploader is non-existant tonight. I'm not being dramatic either for once, it's like literally just not there. The most exciting place I've ever been to though is Las Vegas. For my 21st birthday, my grandparents took me with my mom and aunt. I know that probably sounds weird that I didn't go with friends, but my mom and aunt are actually total bad asses and I had more fun with them then I probably would have with anybody else. My grandparents are also not your typical grandparents...actually, my grandmother still mentions on occasion the handsome cabana boy named Jorge we met and makes suggestive comments with appropriate eye brow raises, but I digress!!

Yes, that vacation was absolutely stellar. We didn't gamble much, but we did see alot of sights, relax, saw some good shows, went shopping...lounged by some amazing pools too. Mostly though it was just an amazing trip to spend with some of my favorite people. I was also drunk alot.

I'll have to recap some of my better vegas associated stories though another time :)

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