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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Day 2

Day 02- The meaning behind your Blog name

Before I get started I need to say some things. Right now it's just me in the house and it is quiet and so, so nice. Don't get me wrong, I adore my husband, I do. More than anything in this crazy world.. but since he's been home from Japan he goes to work and check in, then comes home after maybe a half an hour. It's usually really early too, so I don't really feel the time alone because I'm asleep. That being said, he went out with a friend to a BBQ (Yes, in December. Mississippi is warm today) and I chose to stay behind so I could do some laundry and work on some Christmas related things. Yay for progress! It's also oddly therapeutic to be alone with the sound stylings of Jason and Mraz and my dryer. Anyone feel me on the alone time?

Last night I finished my Christmas Cards (about 50 in all) and despite how I felt during filling them out, it didn't kill me. It was actually really refreshing to be able to write out those sentiments and remind myself of how many people in my life I care about. Also, on a side note, I had this brilliant (Read: sarcasm) idea to teach myself how to etch glass to make personalized gifts for some people this year. Well, the gift for Mother in Law that I put sooooo much effort into making perfect? It took a suicide dive off of my computer desk last night which I will admit was completely my fault. I have to remake it today-ish, and I am not at all pleased. Especially the part where I will have to retrieve the stencil out of the trash because my printer breathed it's last puff of life last night. (WHY IS EVERYTHING BREAKING!) I did however score some great stuff to wrap my presents, and I will post pictures if I remember because I'm a cheeseball about things like that.

So yeah now, Day 2, about my blog name. My husband is in the Navy (I think y'all knew that) and works from the Naval Construction Battalion. They are called the " Seabees" (originally the CBs. Get it?) and at some point somebody somewhere thought it'd be cute to call the wives "Honeybees" and the kids "WeeBees". I started the blog while Mike was deployed, so I named it Honeybee Strong. As in, I'm a strong Honeybee (I feel ridiculous for explaining that). But er yeah, that's about the only back story behind it!

Catch y'all later!

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  1. Sometimes I love not having my husband around! Especially when I'm shopping.