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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's been awhile...

Since July 3rd, so it seems. I actually had to check my blog for my most recent (recent being a relative term) post. I really need to hold myself to better accountability with posting as frequently as I originally intended.

Work has been good lately, good by stressful. I previously mentioned that I would be working in the activities department of my building, and I've been loving it. It's hard work, and the department has alot of room for improvement and restructuring, and I'm excited to be faced with the oppurtunity to help set things on a good course during my remaining time in NJ.

Speaking of my remaining time in NJ, I'll be heading back to MS in 9 weeks! (9 weeks sounds better than 2+ months) and in November my love will be back home with me! Can't wait!!!

I'm looking forward to an excursion to NY this weekend for my good friend Michelle's 25th Birthday. Michelle and I have an interesting friendship to say the least; And by that I mean that we've only ever seen each other twice in person...at her wedding in 2009 and at my wedding in 2010.

That may sound crazy to some, but maybe not to a blog community. Where do I start?

A few years back I was dating this guy, we'll call him B. B and I were long distance and on one of his visits to see me in NJ, we decided to go visit his two friends Dan and David who live in NY (It was actually my birthday!). It was my first time meeting them in person (we played games online together for quite awhile at this point and knew each other very well as those things go..). Dan's fiance, Michelle, wasn't around though because she had headed back to their home in Boston earlier that day.

A few weeks (months?) later, I had a question about something and mentioned it to Dan, who recommended that I speak to Michelle. We got to talking, and soon became really good friends. Later on, I attended their wedding and met Michelle that day in person, which was wonderful. I remember that being a really wonderful time, and Michelle and Dan with their family and friends sure know how to party! (especially David, who convinced me to do upwards of 20 kamikaze shots with him- holy hangover).

Later, Dan and Michelle were able to come to my neck of the woods for my wedding reception to Mikey. I knew that having them there was an absolute must, especially because of how incredibly supportive Michelle was of my relationship with him from the beginning and how she was such a great collaborator when I needed help with my wedding details. (Thanks again Michelle!)

My wedding is the top shot, Michelle's is the bottom

Despite any distance though, Michelle and I speak almost daily and have a hell of alot of things in common. We have alot of the same idiosyncrosies, and she is one of my greatest confidants. I really value her friendship, and hope that through the years we remain as close as we are now.

Anyway, that was the last time we got to hang out. So this time, I'm making the treck to NY and we're going to hang out and spend some good quality time together, and neither one of us will be in a wedding gown :) I am SO excited and have been looking forward to this for months. I'll try and snap some pictures while I'm up there if I'm not too busy having fun!

One thing I will mention is that Michelle has her own from home business, and makes some really unique jewelry, among other things. Please check it out!

I'll post again soon :)

Also, when I reach ten followers I'll have a giveaway!

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